100 days in the dome

100 days have come and gone. Since January 19, I haven’t seen or spoken to a human other than my crew-mates. I haven’t eaten anything that wouldn’t survive the trip to Mars (or grow on the way). I haven’t set foot outside without a suit on. And I haven’t gone nuts.

Since 100 days seems to be an important landmark in other arenas, I thought I’d give you a summary of the mission’s first 100 days, by the numbers.

500 – rough number of surveys completed by each crew member. They did warn us.

140 – days left in the mission. Almost halfway!

90 – days of exercise videos. When you spend nearly all your time in the same 1200 square feet, exercise is pretty important. The crew followed P90x3 and T-25 from start to finish. As a result…

89 – real honest-to-God push-ups that I did the other day over the course of an hour.

47 – glow-in-the-dark stars stuck to the ceiling of the hab. The ceiling is 18 feet tall. My crew-mates still have no idea how I got them up there. A magician never reveals her secrets.

40 – test tubes filled with my spit, now sitting in the lab freezer, waiting to be tested for stress hormones.

34 – times I stuffed myself into a hazmat suit to venture outside the habitat.

14 – weeks completed of the mission. That means 14 weekends, 14 Monday mornings, and 28 very heavy bags of composted fecal matter scraped from our sanitary facilities.

7 – geological studies completed of the area surrounding the hab. This is mainly what happened on those 34 EVAs. Subjects ranged from cinder cone volume measurement to examination of lava tubes for suitability as radiation shelters.

6 – holidays celebrated in the hab, including two birthdays.

5 – peas grown and eaten. And about 20 more on the way!

4 – hair samples collected from my head. That’s 4 times I let a crew-mate take a shaver to my scalp. These are also now waiting to be analyzed for stress hormones. The things we do for science.

3 – goats spotted, though not all of them alive.

2 – chin-ups completed in a row. See, upsides to hab life.

1 – adventure of a lifetime.

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